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Drone Pilot LtD

A collection of the work we have produced for clients around the UK using our highly skilled and aerial trained team.

Braithwaite Construction


Drone Pilot Ltd had the recent pleasure to work with Braithwaite Construction on a filming project using our Inspire 2 loaded with our 5.2K aerial camera. 

We were tasked to capture the scale of the site and the machinery being used for the excavations. Our team managed to fly safely but also capture some dynamic footage, which the client is now showcasing on their own website.

Venari Group Drone Promo - Drone Pilot Edit

Brighouse / Goole

Drone Pilot Ltd had the recent pleasure to work with Venari Group on an exciting project, filming both their sites in Brighouse and Goole. 

We managed to capture footage of the sites, surround areas and the vehicle production taking place. The client wanted the footage on the day of the shoot for their in house team to put something together, as well as allowing Drone Pilot to create our own edit.

gw Bodyshop Promo


Working in partnership with GW bodyshop we have created a short promotional video showcasing the work they do. This project was first started towards the end of 2020 but placed on hold as the client wasn’t happy in the look of the paint booths. 

BW bodyshop updated the look of their paint booths and we managed to update the video in January 2021 ready for the client to publish making sure the client was 100% happy.

Drop Clothing

Drop Clothing

A quick project created with Drop Clothing.

Using dynamic movements we are able to create a video showing some of the recent clothes which have been created. The challenge was creating some energetic and engaging for the audience.

Piece Hall Halifax

The Piece Hall

We got in contact with The Piece Hall about some aerial work we want to produce for an upcoming project. During that filming we have managed to put together a video for them to post on social media and website for promotion and visuals.

Woodwork Cinematic


A quick project created with Portcullis on some recent woodwork being produced for a private property renovation.

Using dynamic movements we are able to create a video whilst up cycling whisky barrels, into something that keeps interest and engagement throughout.

PPG Birstall Works

68-Acre manufacturing site in West Yorkshire

The “Practice” was commissioned to report on the building integrity of the roofs to 11no. “large” warehouse and research buildings – The Group that PPG is a subsidiary has over 47,000 employees worldwide in 70+ countries.

Note: PPG are now in the process of getting their roof cladding finishes up to ‘maintenance proficiency. for the long-term so that there is no downtime on production due to past latent roof defects.

Residential Property - Liverpool

Three-Storey Property with Rear Extension

Reporting for redevelopment of the property including its roof areas.

Residential Property - Harrogate

Three-Storey Property with Rear Extension

Elevation view of the redevelopment of the property.

Note:  Sample Reports will be sent to prospective clients upon Request (but with redacted full address due to professional confidentiality)